Literature Review Project

1st Group Project

All of these titles/abstracts have been reviewed and recommended to be continued for the literature review of 5 journal articles for each student (4 national journals and 1 international journal). Journal requirements must be published no later than 2019 or if your research background during the covid pandemic, the journal must be in 2020-2022.

Class of PTI A 2022
PTI A_Kelompok 1: Analisis Pengaruh Teknologi Informasi Dan Komunikasi Terhadap Pendidikan
PTI A_Kelompok 2: Pemanfaatan Teknologi Virtual Reality (VR) Pada Pembelajaran Biologi
PTI A_Kelompok 3: Pemanfaatan Tik Dalam Meningkatkan Gairah Belajar Siswa MTS
PTI A_Kelompok 4: Penerapan Metode Pembelajaran Berbasis E-Learning Dalam Pendidikan Vokasi Dan Kejuruan
PTI A_Kelompok 5: Pengaruh Metode Pembelajaran Blended Learning terhadap Motivasi dan Prestasi Belajar Siswa SMK
PTI A_Kelompok 6: Simulator,Education games and Role Play Games (RPG) as innovative, interesting and efficient learning media
PTI A_Kelompok 7: Aplikasi Kahoot sebagai Media Pembelajaran Aktif tingkat-SMA
PTI A_Kelompok 8: Sistem Pengembangan Interaktif Dan Game Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Berbasis Web Pada Vokasi Dan Kejuruan

Class of PTI B 2022
PTI B_Kelompok 1: E-learning as a Learning Platform
PTI B_Kelompok 2: The effectiveness of quizizz media for learning evaluation
PTI B_Kelompok 3: The use of ICT as an Innovative Learning Resource and Media in Elementary School
PTI B_Kelompok 4: The Effect of Use of E-learning on The Achievement Student
PTI B_Kelompok 5: The role of information and communication technology-based learning media in the Covid-19 pandemic era
PTI B_Kelompok 6: Utilization of Mobile Learning as Media in Learning
PTI B_Kelompok 7: The Implementation Of E-learning In Vocational Education In Information Technology and Communication
PTI B_Kelompok 8: The Effectiveness of Using Kahoot App In Learning

Class of PTI C 2022
PTI C_Kelompok 1: Development Of Teaching Materials Implementing Application Of Digital Combinations Based On Mobile Learning In Vocational School
PTI C_Kelompok 2: The Use Of Information And Communication Technology In Improving The Quality Of Education
PTI C_Kelompok 3: The effectiveness of using Edmodo Application as an Online-based learning media
PTI C_Kelompok 4: Effectivity of Google meet in Online Learning
PTI C_Kelompok 5: Implementation of E-Learning in Vocational Education Learning Process
PTI C_Kelompok 6: The Effect Of Using The Zoom Application On Vocational Learning
PTI C_Kelompok 7: The Use of Learning Media Application In Islamic Boarding Schools
PTI C_Kelompok 8: Utilization Of Online Learning In Practical Courses In Vocational Education In The Field Of Information And Communication Technology

Class of PTE A 2022
PTE A_Kelompok 1: Learning By Utilizing of Mobile Learning in Education
PTE A_Kelompok 3: Learning Management System For Vocational High School
PTE A_Kelompok 4: Pemanfaatan Augmented Reality Dalam Pembelajaran IPA Bagi Siswa SD
PTE A_Kelompok 5: The Role of YouTube as a Learning Media
PTE A_Kelompok 6: Learning Effectiveness Using Zoom Meeting For Distance Learning
PTE A_Kelompok 7:
PTE A_Kelompok 8:
PTE A_Kelompok 9:

Application Of E-Learng As A Future Learning Media

Class of PTE B 2022
PTE B_Kelompok 1:
PTE B_Kelompok 2:
PTE B_Kelompok 3: Revision Needed (Development of learning media for electromba trainer digital in vocational school); Development of digital electronics trainee learning media
PTE B_Kelompok 4: Utilizing Of Social Media As Learning Media; E-learning via google classroom and zoom meet
PTE B_Kelompok 5:
PTE B_Kelompok 6: Perkembangan Metode Pembelajaran Utilization Of Augmented Reality For Learning Media
PTE B_Kelompok 7: Utilization of Zenius and Ruang Guru Applications as Learning Media
PTE B_Kelompok 8: The Utilization of Learning-Based Game Technology in Developing the Quality of Learner’s Learning
PTE B_Kelompok 9: Pemanfaatan Internet Sebagai Sumber Belajar